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For $NZD 600  per  annum (Exempt from GST) we will provide  you with the QBO  Plus software, customise /set it up and  4 hours of FREE Training . In addition to this we will provide you with 4 hours of FREE training every year while your subcription is active.


We also offer monthly payments of $NZD 60 /month (GST Exempt)



THE WORKS annual subscription

  • THE WORKS gives you access to one of the worlds best accounting software as well as having it set-up and customised to give you the best results so that your management reports  are accurate actually mean something. Management Reports steer your business and eable you to make expert decisions for your business. Too often the software is purchased and set-up incorrectly by the buyer and this may in fact lead to the demise of a business. Give your business a good head start and have the experts setup your datafile properly so you can rely on meaniful figures.

    We will also train you to make sure you know how to use this accounting software.

  • We offer a 30 day settling in period from the time the QBO program has been purchased. Should you find that this software is not suitable for you please contact us and we will fully refund you. Please Note: Once you have been refunded you will not be able to access your QBO datafile.

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